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Food labeling

A Cereal products gluten, B: fish, C: crustaceans, D: sulfur dioxides and sulfites,
E: celery, F: milk and lactose, G: sesame seeds  H: nuts, I: eggs, J: lupins K: mustard, 
L: soy, M: molluscs, N: peanuts, P: lupins, O: containing caffeine.

1. Sweeteners, 2. Colors, 3. Preservatives, 4. Antioxidants, 
5. Carrier ingredients, 6. Acidifiers, 7. Release agents, 8, Fillers, 9. Flavor enhancers, 
10. Propellants, 11. Stabilizers,      12, thickener, 13. flour treatment agent, 14. contrast enhancer.

Guests with severe allergies should exercise caution.
and inform our service staff about your nutritional needs. 




Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that our dishes are 100% free from allergens. It is essential for guests

with severe allergies to exercise caution and disclose their dietary needs to our service staff.

The safety and satisfaction of our guests are of utmost importance to us. We appreciate your trust in Kumba and hope you have it

a wonderful dining experience with us.

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